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How much are the covers?

Average covers cost around $550.00, however the price will vary depending on the size of the cover ordered, basically the smaller the cover the cheaper it will be, the same applies to the price of staining, insulating and freighting a cover. Click here to calculate freight.

How can I make payment for a cover?

Payment can be made either by any of the major credit cards, by a cheque payable to Safeside Pool Pump Covers, electronic transfer into our account. All funds must be fully cleared into our account before any work will commence.

Where can you deliver covers to?

Australia wide. Click here to calculate freight.

How long will they take?

After placing an order, delivery is usually within 14 days.

Are they guaranteed?

Yes, on condition that the cover is oiled or stained either by us or within 21 days of installation, it comes with a 12 month return to base warranty.

Will it fit over the filter?

Yes, providing the right size has been ordered. When measuring for a cover we suggest that you allow at least 100mm tolerance in each direction to be safe as the cover does not have to be an exact fit over the pool equipment. Any cover that is incorrectly ordered will incur extra freight charges and additional charges for a new cover.

How long do they take to assemble?

See Installation on the About page

What tools will I need?

All fixings are supplied and to install it you will need a drill, 10mm masonry bit and a hammer (other tools may be required depending on location of pool equipment).

Will I breach pool fence regulations?

It is compulsory that if your pool equipment is positioned against a fence that backs onto a neighbours pool enclosure, the front of your cover must be a minimum of 1200mm high so as not to create a step into next door.

What about termites?

The timber used is termite and rot resistant. However Safeside Pool Pump Covers will not be held responsible for any covers installed against a house that breeches the weepholes. The timber used will not attract termites. However, if the pest inspection does not include the inside of the pool pump cover, termites could go unseen. For this reason, inspections should be carried out on a regular basis by a competent pest inspector.

Can I lower the chlorinator?

95% of chlorinators can be easily lowered to allow for a smaller cover. Chlorinators are usually only resting on two screw heads, simply hold the box with both hands, and lift it off the wall. The chlorinator can then be re-attached in a more convenient position either lower down or attach it to the wall of the cover.

Shall I order a larger cover to combine storage?

Although a larger cover is convenient for storage, if you are mainly covering the equipment to reduce noise the smaller the cover the better it is plus the lids are also lighter (this is something you may want to consider depending on who is going to be using the equipment).

What lid should I choose?

Generally the hinged lid is more popular, if however you have a cartridge filter a lift off lid may be more suitable as it allows you to remove the filter without having to prop the lid up.

What style cover is best?

Double doors on the front is the most popular style for standard equipment. The split front cover works best if the cover is deep (measurement C on the online order form) as it allows you to stand in the cover and work easily, but the front panel can only be removed with the lid up. The side doors works best if the equipment is down a narrow footpath and there is limited space to swing open a front door. The main thing to remember is that you can never have too much access.

The cover I want is larger than the dimensions allowed online?

If you cannot order your cover online please contact us with your dimensions, as we can make larger covers but we have to quote these individually.

What is the best height difference from front to back?

200mm higher at the back is about standard, although if you order a cover that is not suitable a warning message will appear on the online order form correcting the measurements.

What is the acoustic rating of a cover?

We are unable to give you an exact answer to this, as the noise level generated from pool equipment depends on ground surface, condition of equipment, proximity to other objects or walls and wind direction and speed. Although covers dramatically reduce noise level, we do not offer a written guaranteed rating, as every situation is very different.

Can I get my cover installed?

We currently offer an installation service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Thanks for your follow up, I have successfully installed the pool, cover and it looks terrific. The instructions were very easy to follow.

Jeremy Sargeant

No problem at all, had great service from you guys will certainly call Calvin if required.


Just when I was starting to wonder whether it had been forgotten….the tin of stain arrived today! Thanks for following through with the promise – it’s great to deal with a business that has real integrity. Thanks again and enjoy your Christmas and New Year!


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