The highest pool in the world

This Hong Kong pool gives you quite a view from 118 floors above the harbour. [more]

Tap into cheaper power – switch to off-peak and save

There’s one simple thing you can do to save money and help reduce the problem of peak demand. Connect energy hungry appliances like your hot water system and pool pump to off-peak tariffs. [more]


Pumps without covers are continuously exposed to the harsh Austrlalian climate from near freezing to 40+° temperatures, driving rain to golf ball sized hail all in one year! Imagine how you would be looking after a few weeks of that abuse.

The majority of Australian households with swimming pools do nothing to protect the pool equipment.

Think of your neighbours! Noise from pool equipment is one of the most common complaints made to councils around Australia. As blocks of land are becoming smaller, houses are being built closer to each other, often less than 3m away. This means that pool equipment that is out of sight for you is often installed against the dividing fence or within 1.5m from your neighbours living areas and bedrooms.

Check your household insurance. You may find that the several thousand dollars worth of pool equipment you have is not covered in the policy unless it has a protective covering over it.

More councils are now making it compulsory to have your pool equipment covered, mainly from the noise pollution aspect.

Electricians are often called out to repair blown fuses in houses after heavy rain, which is often caused by water getting into the exposed electrics around a pool pump.

All pool builders, service guys and pump manufacturers will recommend that the equipment is protected.

Why spend an average of $20,000 on a new pool and yet nothing on protecting the equipment, which is really is the heart of the swimming pool.

To a household pet or child, pool equipment is a fascinating new place to investigate.


As pool equipment is generally installed against a fence or wall our standard covers consist of 2 side panels, 1 front panel and a lid. In kit form the covers can be erected in less that 1 minute and fully installed in approx. 15 minutes, there are simply 8 screws to tighten up in total, 4 to assemble the unit and 4 to fix it to the fence/wall.

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Received the pool lid and it fits perfectly. Thank you for such excellent service and skill.


Could not have been easier. Everything arrived safely. I only installed over the weekend as I was painting it last week to match the fence. Everything fit perfectly. Thank you for such a great service. I will be definitely recommending you to friends.


It is really appreciated. We would recommend you 100% to anybody.

Pete and Debbie Crawley

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